Carnitas - or pig's new chance

Roast pork is not yours? You've occasionally given the affair a brave (or forced at family celebration) chance, but there was nothing to be done?

Then this is your recipe.

We thought so that is, always (especially the man who almost faints from Batzen vom Schwein with schwabbeliger rind), that we are through with the roast pork once and for all. Until we happened to have eaten "carnitas" in a tortilla in a surprisingly good Mexican-Californian snack. Delicious! Wonderful! The taste of pork is transformed by the intense spices into a truly irresistible thing. The man also finds that. What's so good, of course, must be tinkered right in the small galley.

My nice colleague Denise is conveniently semi-Mexican descent ... and has benevolently confirmed the authenticity of my Carnitas recipe. Her mom cooks it more often. Because carnitas is pleasingly easy to prepare and with a few simple steps - but needs a little time. It is best to prepare the Carnitas for the next day or drop off for a delicious lunch on Sunday morning ...

Here 's how:

Man take 1 kg pork shoulder without bone (unfortunately I only got neck, but it worked well) and 1 large onion and in columns, 1.5 tablespoons Oregano , 3 bay leaves, 1 tablespoon ground cumin, 3 large garlic cloves peeled and roughly divided, 1 tbsp brown sugar , 1 tbsp salt 2 chili peppers halved and 1 tablespoon coriander seeds.

All ingredients in Put a pot and fill with vegetable stock until the meat is covered. That was the hard part of the recipe * cough *.

Now comes the simple but tedious part: bring the meat in the spice broth to a boil and simmer for 3 hours on a low heat. In between, turn once. Man, that smells good!

At the end of the cooking time, the meat should be tender and almost fall apart. Lift the meat from the broth and cut into pieces with two forks.

Fry the pieces in the oven until they are brown and crispy or fry them in the pan.


Serve the classic carnitas on a tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado. Or fill in a sandwich and top with nachos and hot sauce to taste. Or combine with black rice. Or ... what else can you think of? I think there's still a lot to be gained.

the way, leftovers stay in the fridge for a few days or freeze and fry in a pan until crispy.

¡buen provecho!